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Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara (temple)

Maha Vihara Buddhist Temple

We are a non-profit organisation operating and serving Midlands and neighbouring cities’ Buddhist community since 1992. Our services are widespread, far-reaching throughout the whole of Europe and our aim is to spread the Buddhist values and teachings to the entire world. From Birmingham (United Kingdom), our services extend and benefit all ethnic groups regardless of their colour, creed, faith or geographical differences. 

 As the biggest temple of Theravada Buddhism philosophy in the United Kingdom and Europe, the Maha Vihara is uniquely located off Hockley Circus at 216, New John Street, West Hockley, Birmingham B19 3UA.

5 Noble Principles

Refrain from taking life 

not killing any living being.

Refrain from taking what is not given 

not stealing from anyone.

Refrain from the misuse of the senses 

not having too much sensual pleasure.

Refrain from wrong speech.

Refrain from intoxicants that cloud the mind.

Birmingham Maha Vihara Soorya Udanaya 2024

Maha Vihara New Year 2024

Mahesh Chamara