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The Opening Ceremony of Pagoda

Youth & Buddhism

The ceremony of conferring the title of Deputy Chief Prelate of Great Britain on Dr. Watrandeniya Kassapa Nayaka Thero was held on 29.05.2023 at Malwatu Maha Vihara.

The Most Venerable Kagama Sirinanda Thero (Galkiriyagama Hamuduruwo) preached the Dhamma sermons on how to lead the people of Sri Lanka and the world in good ways and see them in the life of true Buddhism and fulfilling their duty as a true human being.

Chinese New Year 2024 -Year of The Dragon

Annual Kathina Ceremony 2023

Finalizing Pagoda at Birmingham Maha Vihara

wesak -2023

Sinhalese New Year 2023

Sinhalese New Year, generally known as Aluth Avurudda in Sri Lanka, is a Sri Lankan holiday that celebrates the traditional New Year of the Sinhalese people and Tamil population of Sri Lanka. It is a major anniversary celebrated by not only the Sinhalese and Tamil people but by most Sri Lankans.

Mohideen Baig Concert 2023

Annual Katina Ceremony  2022

Vassana Rainy Retreat 2022

Delivery of Humanitarian Aid

We have provided support to people in Sri Lanka, Africa, Thailand, Parkistan, Burma, India, Zambia, Romania, United Kingdom, etc. 

We are in the midst of delivering support to people in Sri Lanka. Your donation can change or even save someone’s life! 

So please, give whatever you can afford by contacting us at 0121 523 6660 or visiting us through our IBRO website at (

Poson Full Moon Poya 2022

The “Poson” or Buddhist Missionary day is one of the most important day for all Buddhists throughout the world. Well over 2000 years ago, the emperor Asoka in India sent group of 9 Buddhist missionary groups including his own son into neighbouring kingdoms where the Buddhism flourished throughout Asian continent since then.


The Buddhist Maha Vihara and its branches in Leicester Dharmashoka Vihara and Stoke on Trent Buddhist Vihara as well as all monks and committee members of said Viharas would like to send their wishes Happy 2567th Anniversary of Wesak (Buddha Jayanthi.
While wishing you all a very happy Wesak or birth of Supreme Being (Sukho Buddhanam Uppado), attainment of Enlightenment and passing away of “The Lord Buddha” to Nibbana. I would like to send you all good wishes during this Wesak Season for your good health and success of whatever endeavours in your life. The Wesak day/Buddha day or Buddha Jayanthi is one of the most important days for all Buddhists throughout the world well over 18 hundred millions Buddhist around the world. Whether we live in the West or the East, Buddhists or non-Buddhist countries, it is every Buddhist’s duty to pay our utmost respect to this unparallel religious leader, “The Lord Buddha” His teaching as well as His descendents holy order.

Visit from Judge James M. DeLeon & Family

Inauguration of Birmingham Maha Vihara Dhamma School - 3rd April 2022

The Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara is delighted to inform you that the Sunday school will be starting on 3rd April 2022 from 3pm onwards with the blessings of Ven. Dr. Witharandeniye Kassapa. Please enroll your children in our Dhamma school where we instill positive and treasured Buddhist values and practices that have been upheld over time!

Registration will be held at 3pm.

• Preschool (Ages 4-6)

• Primary school students (Primary 1 to 6)

• Secondary school students

We hope the children start on their journeys to learn about Dharma, and also learn to apply the wisdom of the Buddha in their daily lives. So, don’t miss this opportunity.

When : Every Sunday from 3rd April onwards.

Time : 3 pm to 5pm

Where: 216 New John St W, Birmingham B19 3UA.( car park address B19 2TZ)

Contact us for more details; Ven. Nandaloka on 07309447776

Construction of the largest Sri Lankan temple in Europe is being completed as the Birmingham Buddhist temple in United Kingdom

20th March 2022
Dear Devotees, Well-wishers and supporters of the Vihara,
Further to our previous letters and information sent to you regarding development of the Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara and its Pagoda project, herewith sending some more information for your knowledge.
As we are reaching to end of project, still we need to find another £200,000.00. So, this time we are going to distribute 250 shares of Pagoda which we are going to build on top of building and all 28 Buddha statues will be kept inside the pagoda. According to engineers calculation of pagoda outer castings costs £250,000.00. While we are thanking for those who have sponsored items as well as monthly contributions, would like to inform you sponsor one or few shares in memory of your departed dearest and nearest ones or memorable event in your life. The one share is £300.00. We have made all arrangements to inscribe on copper plates to be installed at the premises to keep forever.
The management committee would like to bring to your attention that we have six luxury rooms to provide overnight stay for those who are coming from far away from the country. We do incur cost to use the facilities. This includes cost for water/electricity/Gas/Council tax linen and maintenance by our own workers. We felt that it is reasonable to request donations from the devotees to cover the expenses. The committee felt it is appropriate to request a sum of £60.00 for a room per night. This will enable us to provide excellent services for the devotees. The rooms could be booked in advance by direct communication.
So if you would like to sponsor one, you may deposit money in following charity account and let us know about it. “The Midlands International Buddhist association in the U.K.” Lloyds Banki plc. Account Number: 04039208 and sort code: 30-93-09.
This message is sent to you for those who are living in Birmingham and sourrounding areas. We will be conducting following classes for children or adults who would like to learn Sinhalese/Tamil/Hindi/Panjabi/Vietnamese/Chinese/Traditional Dancing/Music/Confu, Martial Arts and Drumming as well as Buddhism and Christianity.
We are going start all these classes on 03/04/2022 (Sunday) at above address at 3.00p.m. to 5.00 p.m. You have to register prior to these classes pleases.
Yours in Dhamma,

Kathina Ceremony and Atavisi Buddha Pooja Ceremony

– 24 October, 2021, Sunday –

– 10:00am till 2:00pm – 

For more video of the ceremony, please visit our Facebook 

Interfaith Meeting

– 10 October, 2021 –

St. Chads Ceremony

Meeting with Archbishop of Midlands as well as Judges in Birmingham

– 10 October, 2021 –

Vassana Rainy Retreat 2021